Fenton Design Associates

Excellence in Design.. Quality of Service.. Attention to Detail.

Fenton Design Assoicates handles your Home & Site design needs from the ground up.

Whether it be designing a custom home on a vacant parcel, adding a new master suite to your tight living quarters, or requiring general consultation and direction on the whole process, Fenton Design Associates is there for you.  We also design a multitude of other structures.

Backed by almost 20 years of experience, we deliver the utmost in quality.  Our design approach blends beautiful, artistic design with practical, livable solutions. 

In order to implement a concept successfully, one must have the ability to think in 3d.  It is a gift that many desire but few possess.  At Fenton Design Associates, we have that gift and are here to share it with you.


The custom home design process requires a delicate balance of several variables...simutaneously.  

An understanding of the site and how to blend a home to maximize valuable aspects the property is of utmost importance.  Whether it be that sunset view, orientations, trees to be protected, slopes, or aspects that require minimizing, blending a custom home onto the land is crucial.  This is referred to a site sensitivity.  It requires much thought, planning and experience.

A thoughtful design incorporates the tastes and desires of the owner.  With the understanding that nobody has 'Carte Blanche', the design process must take into consideration budgetary constraints while infusing a sensible mix of beauty, practicality, and structural integrity.  We strive to achieve those goals with the utmost of diligence.

At Fenton Design Associates, we excel at making your experience a positive, memorable one. 


Additions and Remodels can be a challenge.  Blending the new and existing together so that it provides continuity of design, both artistically and structurally, is both an art and a science.

At Fenton Design Associates, we are happy to take on that challenge.  Our goal is to design additions/remodels that blend so well with the existing structure that the transitions are virtually indistinguishable.

As your design representatives, we are convinced that your addition/remodel will ultimately be a space well utilized and cherished for years to come.


The home is complete, the addition is done.  What about the property?  What about the patios, decks, gazeboes, driveways, walks, retaining walls, terraces, outdoor kitchens, barbarcues, hot tubs, pools, ponds, fire pits and other hardscaping ideas you may have?  

With the home/site plans already completed, we are merely a few steps away from implementing a fully integrated yard plan, which considers the merits of the interior and blends them with the exterior.

At Fenton Design Associates, we will help to put your ideas on paper.  Through the years, we have helped homeowners to develop thier property into beautiful oases.


In need of a design for your Guest House, Granny Unit, Pool House, Detached Garage, Parking Structure, Breezeway, Covered Patio, Deck, Barn, Gazeboe, and/or Shed? 

At Fenton Design Associates, we have designed them all.


Are you a building contractor?  We have teamed up with quite a few builders over the years, helping them to place their ideas on paper. 

We also place 'Your' NAME and 'Your' LOGO on the Title Block.  It is almost as if you have an in-house design team, but without the overhead.  From our experience, quite often the person who steers the planning/design process ends up landing the building contract.

Allow Fenton Design Assocites to become your design team of choice.  We are confident you will generate much more business, spending more time building and less time bidding.